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Lawyer – Wills & Estates Ottawa ON

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Our Client is an outstanding legal firm, serving Ottawa for the last 45 years. They specialize in business disputes, insolvency and collection matters, provide litigation, real estate transaction management, and corporate legal needs. They have recently grown from 30 staff to 60 and seek an experienced litigation lawyer to help continue the growth trajectory. The firm has a tenured Managing Partnership group and new partners coming up the ranks. We are looking for a strong lawyer who can help build and grow the estate practice.

The immediate opening for a Lawyer – Wills & Estates to assist clients in planning for the distribution of their assets and the management of their affairs post death or incapacitation. You will demonstrate your ability to provide excellent legal advice and guidance to clients in all matters related to wills, trusts, probates, and estate administration. Key responsibilities for this role would include the following:

Client Advisory Services

  • Meet with client, discuss their estate planning objectives, assess their financial situation and provide tailored legal advice
  • Address any client concerns regarding their distribution of assets, tax implications, guardianship of minors, and other relevant matters

Legal Documentation

  • Prepare and draft various legal documents, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advance directives and estate planning agreements that meet the clients specified needs and preferences
  • Ensure client files meet relevant legal and regulatory requirements and client instructions

Estate Management

  • Develop estate plans for clients to mitigate tax & probate issues, and protect assets
  • Advise clients on wealth preservation strategies, charitable giving, and the establishment of trusts for beneficiaries
  • Guide clients’ executors, administrators and trustees through the probate process and estate administration
  • Assist with the valuation & distribution of assets, payment of debts & taxes, and dispute resolution

Legal Research, Analysis & Negotiations

  • Maintain recent changes in laws and regulations pertaining to wills, trusts, probates and estate planning
  • Represent clients in dispute resolution processes, including will contests, trust disputes and contested probate matters
  • Negotiate settlements, and litigate cases to protect client’s interests and intentions


The Ideal Candidate will bring a minimum of 3 years working as an Estate Lawyer, and a member of the Ontario Bar in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario. You will be able to demonstrate your high integrity and work ethic, but also your love for fun. Your exceptional understanding of wills, estate laws and procedures will establish your credibility amongst your team and your clients. We are looking for someone who wants to specialize in estate work and be the SME for the team and firm. This position is ideal for a self-starter and team player who is looking to build their book of business. Your amazing communication skills will help you to nurture your client relationships and your listening skills will help empathize with clients and provide compassionate guidance. Experience in dispute resolution and litigation would be considered an asset. With a proven attention to detail, strong analytical skills and your adaptability to new technologies and processes will make you an asset within this team.


What will make you stand out:

  • 3+ years of wills & estate experience
  • Experience with estate preparation, advice and litigation
  • Desire to be part of a mid size firm
  • Strong and compassionate communication skills
  • Self-starter and growth minded

If you are contemplating a change of environment, and wants a new professional family who will embrace your competencies, let’s talk. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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